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Sans famille (1958)

The Remi abandoned by his foster father sold to the troubadour Vasalis, in his living through the rural villages the people to entertain, gehoplen his three dogs and a monkey. In the beginning Remi takes its new master, but a demanding and hard man, and the animals have not been too much with the clumsy boy. But gradually creates a bond between Remi and his new comrades, until their friendship is suddenly disrupted when Vasalis is arrested for vagrancy and sentenced. Then Remi, alone in the world, along with his animal friends in position to try to keep ...

Original Title: Sans famille

  • André Michel
  • Anno: 1958
  • Paese:
  • Language: Français | Nederlands | English

Paulette Dubost

Maman Barberin

Gino Cervi


Simone Renant

Lady Mary Milligan
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