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롤플레이 (2012)

Passion towards creation, mad jealousy... The provocative Role Play which travels back and forth imagination and reality starts now... Best selling writer Jeong-ho attempts at a fatal Role Play for a passionate new novel. Ji-soo, a famous university professor can't help but suspect her husband as she is full of jelaousy and Hye-in a provocative and attractive university student who jumps into the unstable life of this couple. Jeong-ho feels she looks just like his first love and considers her a muse to writing a new novel through the Role Play. His wife gets jealous when she sees his novel and has sudden intercourse with him as if she is aware of Hye-in.

Original Title: 롤플레이

  • Baek Sang-Yeol
  • Anno: 2012
  • Durata: 76 min.
  • Language: 한국어/조선말
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