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Beethoven Fidelio (2000)

A wonderful music with very good singers

When Act 2 of Fidelio is being poured out in the most glorious tones imaginable from Mattila, Heppner and Pape - who can possibly complain? Who would honestly want to replace any of them? Who can fail to be overwhelmed with gratitude to own this disc? If I continue to count our blessings, I might mention the splendid Robert Lloyd drawing us to a thrilling finale as Don Fernando; and Falk Struckmann a convincingly evil Pizarro. So it is certainly not complaining, but fulfilling a reviewer's obligation to tell all, when I admit that Jennifer Welch-Babidge is little more than adequate as Marzelline. One might wish for a purer vocal line in this role - like a Bonney or an Isokoski.

Original Title: Beethoven Fidelio

  • Brian Large
  • Anno: 2000
  • Durata: 123 min.
  • Language: Italiano

Ben Heppner


Falk Struckmann

Don Pizarro

Robert Lloyd


Eric Cutler

1er Gefangener

James Levine

Scrivi uno

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