The Perfect Getaway (1998)

One chance. One plan. Nothing to lose

Colt Erickson is a helicopter pilot who's hired by a woman to fly her around. But suddenly she pulls a gun on him and tells Colt to land in the nearby prison. When they do one of the inmates goes in and she tells Colt to go but the guards shoot at the copter damaging it. So it crashes. Colt sees the man she broke out is Randy Savino a guy he knows. They are now trapped in the desert. Colt's girlfriend Julia is approached by the FBI who tell her about the break out. She says Colt wouldn't do that. That's when they reveal that Colt and Savino's past and that Colt has been making trips across the border. So it seems that the Feds are treating Colt like a suspect so Julia tries to find him herself.

Original Title: The Perfect Getaway

  • Armand Mastroianni
  • Anno: 1998
  • Durata: 105 min.
  • Language: en

Adrian Pasdar

Colt Erikson

Kelly Rutherford

Julia Robinson

Alicia Coppola

Alex Vaughn

Antonio Sabàto, Jr.

Randy Savino

Bill Mondy

Agent Lawrence
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