You Dance with the Summer (2010)

Shinpei (Junpei Mizobata) dreams of being a professional cameraman and lives in Tokyo. One day, he hears that his mother has been hospitalized and returns to Kochi for the first time in five years. At the hospital, Shinpei finds out Sakura (Ayane Omori) who is the younger sister of his ex-girlfriend, has a bad disease, which no one has lived with for more than 5 years. This might be her last summer. Sakura strongly hope to dance at the Yosakoi festival, and five years ago, Shinpei made a promise to her that they would one day dance together. Sakura still remembers the promise and it also gives her the drive to live longer. Shinpei decides to dance once more at the upcoming Yosakoi festival, however. . .

Original Title: 君が踊る、夏

  • Hideyuki Katsuki
  • Anno: 2010
  • Durata: 123 min.
  • Language: 日本語

Tatsuya Fujiwara

Shiro Takaki

Reiko Takashima

Sonoko Otaki

Junpei Mizobata

Shinpei Teramoto

Hirotaro Honda

Kenichiro Nogami

Ayane Omori

Sakura Nogami


Tomoya Ishiguro

Daisuke Ryû

Shintaro Teramoto

Masahiro Takashima

Yasunori Muraki

Haruka Kinami

Kaori Nogami

Shunji Igarashi

Tsukasa Otaki
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