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Galeotti sul pianeta Terra (1988)

A story of teenage alienation.

Ryan Richmond is an eccentric teenager living with his mother, father, sister and brother in the Holiday Inn they own in Sunnyvale, Arizona, the prune capital of the world. Is it any wonder that he wants to go to Saudi Arabaia for college and leave Sunnyvale far, far behind? He spends his days at school with his sex-obsessed best friend Dan Forrester and lusts after Lisa Winston, the sexy lounge singer who his parents have hired to perform at the Holiday Inn. Stuck without a date for his brother's wedding to a senator's daughter, Ryan goes to a computer dating service, which asks him such questions as "Can you breathe foreign substances?" Soon, Ryan is told that he may be an alien stuck on Earth along with thousands of others. Soon, Charles and Edna Pinsky show up and tell him that he may an alien prince meant to lead his brethren home. And that's when things get out of control...

Original Title: Doin' Time on Planet Earth

  • Charles Matthau
  • Anno: 1988
  • Durata: 85 min.
  • Language: English

Andrea Thompson

Lisa Winston

Martha Scott

Virginia Camalier

Adam West

Charles Pinsky

Matt Adler

Dan Forrester
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