Synthetic Sin (1929)

If you had to be bad...could you make good?

A young woman impulsively marries a young playwright who whisks her away to New York promises her a role in his next production. Unfortunately the production is a disaster and her husband proclaims her unfit for the role. Rather then return home in defeat, she stays in New York and accidentally gets involved with some vicious gangsters.

Original Title: Synthetic Sin

  • William A. Seiter
  • Anno: 1929
  • Durata: 72 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

Gertrude Astor

Sheila Kelly

Montagu Love

Brandy Mulane

Colleen Moore

Betty Fairfax

Edythe Chapman

Mrs. Fairfax

Kathryn McGuire

Margery, Betty's sister
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