The Ravine (1969)

In the winter of 1943, deep in the frozen waste of German occupied Yugoslavia, a lone parachute drifts from the snowy skies, falling ever closer to earth and a waiting German patrol car. Suddenly shots ring out from a hidden sniper, the Germans are killed, and the parachutist scurries away into the forest. The sniper is a woman, the number one partisan terrorist on the German hit list, and her adversary is the German number one exterminator sent direct from berlin to eliminate her. The battle is on, orders from high command - capture her… alive. Both are professional, but now the hunter becomes the hunted.

  • Anno: 1969
  • Durata: 97 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: Italiano | English

David McCallum

Sergeant Stephen Holmann

John Crawford

Captain Keller

Demeter Bitenc

Lietenant Eisgruber

Lars Bloch

Lieutenant Alexei Soloviev

Mirko Boman

Tall Soldier

Radko Polič

First Soldier
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