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The State Counsellor (2005)

Third film based on Boris Akunin's "Priklucheniya Erasta Petrovicha Fandorina" series of novels. On a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow general Khrapov was killed and no one else but Erast Petrovich is under suspicion because the killer pretended to be Fandorin. There are initials BG on the handle of the knife Khrapov was stabbed with, the initials belong to a terrorist organization which keeps both capital cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg) in fear. This time Fandorin is not the only one trying to solve the crime, general Pozharski, a famous detective takes over the investigation...

  • Anno: 2005
  • Durata: 134 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: Pусский

Oleg Menshikov

Erast Petrovich Fandorin

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Col. Pyotr Burchinsky

Nikita Mikhalkov

Count Pozharsky

Oleg Tabakov

Count Vladimir Dolgorukov

Mariya Mironova

Julie Lenard

Emiliya Spivak

Esfir Litvinova

Aleksandr Strizhenov

Grand Duke Simeon Alexandrovich
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