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Battle of Westerplatte (2013)

This harrowing war film is an epic dramatization of the first battle of World War II. The Battle of Westerplatte that began on 1 September 1939 will forever be remembered as the one that announced the beginning of the Second World War in Europe. Over one week, fewer than 200 Polish soldiers fought against heavy German bombardment and in the process came to symbolize the power of resistance. As the violence rages, a complex battle of a more personal nature plays out between two Polish commanders over how to best lead their men. Amid the bloodshed, they must ask themselves – should they fight until the last man standing or surrender in the face of overwhelming odds? What unfolds is a stirring exploration of the fight against the forces of tyranny.

  • Anno: 2013
  • Paese:
  • Language: Polski

Piotr Adamczyk

Stefan Ludwik Grodecki

Andrzej Grabowski

Adolf Petzelt

Borys Szyc

Stefan Ludwik Grodecki

Sambor Czarnota

Antoni Trela

Michal Zebrowski

Stefan Ludwik Grodecki

Jan Englert

Wincenty Sobocinski

Mirosław Zbrojewicz

Jan Gryczman

Romuald Klos

Karol Szwedowski
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