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Senza traccia (1983)

One morning, Alex Selky got dressed, waved goodbye to his mother, set off for school and disappeared.

Based on the case of young New Yorker Etan Patz, who disappeared in the early 1980s, this film casts Kate Nelligan as the distraught mother who lashes out at the police (in the person of a relentless detective played by Judd Hirsch), who make her and her husband suspects, even as she hounds them to find her child and drives away her husband (David Dukes) and friends (including Stockard Channing) with her intensity and single-mindedness. Squandered on a Hollywood ending that doesn't square with the real case: Etan Patz was never found.

Original Title: Without a Trace

  • Stanley R. Jaffe
  • Anno: 1983
  • Durata: 120 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

David Dukes

Graham Selky

Stockard Channing

Jocelyn Norris

Judd Hirsch

Al Menetti

Kate Nelligan

Susan Selky

Danny Corkill

Alex Selky

Jacqueline Brookes

Margaret Mayo

William Duell

Polygraph operator

Caroline Aaron

Makeup Woman
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