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Love Is... Pyjamas (2012)

Spring (Teresa Mo) and her daughter, Autumn (Karena Ng), work respectively as a Designer and Steward Manager in a Multinational Enterprise of Men’s Underwear founded by their brother and uncle Hugo(Raymond Wong). To win back his ex-girlfriend, Miao (Hai Qing), who is now a World Class Fashion Designer; Hugo pretends his business to be at a brink of bankruptcy and hoping to recruit her for help. Miao seizes the opportunity to take revenge on Hugo and she demands him to establish a new Fashion Line name to achieve positive results before she will accept the offer.

Original Title: 男人如衣服

  • Vincent Kok
  • Anno: 2012
  • Durata: 99 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話 | 普通话

Vincent Kok

Comercial director

Teresa Mo

C. T. Yu

Raymond Lam Fung

Lucky Owen

Karena Ng

Karena Yam

Lynn Hung

Jojo Wang

Ankie Beilke

Ms Cameron

Raymond Lam

Lucky Owen
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