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Vittoria sulle tenebre (1951)

A soldier blinded in war returns home and attempts to adjust to civilian life. Director Mark Robson's 1951 drama stars Arthur Kennedy (Academy Award nomination, Best Actor, for his performance), Peggy Dow, James Edwards, Will Geer, Nana Bryant, Julie Adams, Jim Backus, Richard Egan and Murray Hamilton.

  • Anno: 1951
  • Durata: 97 min.
  • Language: English

Julie Adams

Chris Paterson

Jim Backus

Bill Grayson

Will Geer

Mr. Lawrence Nevins

Peggy Dow

Judy Greene

James Edwards

Joe Morgan

Arthur Kennedy

Larry Nevins

Nana Bryant

Mrs. Claire Nevins

Minor Watson

Edward Patterson

Marjorie Crossland

Mrs. Patterson

Richard Egan

Sgt. John Masterson

Murray Hamilton

Pete Hamilton

Larry Keating

Jess Coe

Jerry Paris

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