Il grande silenzio (1944)

Emily Blair is rich and deaf. Doctor Vance, who grew up poor in Blairtown, is working on a serum to cure deafness which he tries on Emily. It doesn't work. Her sister is carrying on an affair with her fiance Jeff. Vance tries a new serum which causes Emily to faint... Will it work this time?

Original Title: And Now Tomorrow

  • Irving Pichel
  • Anno: 1944
  • Durata: 86 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

Cecil Kellaway

Doctor Weeks

Bobby Barber

Mill Worker

Barry Sullivan

Jeff Stoddard

Mae Clarke


Susan Hayward

Janice Blair

Anthony Caruso

Peter Gallo

Alan Ladd

Doctor Merek Vance

Grant Mitchell

Uncle Wallace

Beulah Bondi

Aunt Em

Loretta Young

Emily Blair

Helen Mack

Angeletta Gallo

Doris Dowling

Maid of Honor
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