Un bacio per Corliss (1949)

CORLISS COULD DO NO WRONG ...but brother How She Tried!

After a brief encounter with the romantic and thrice divorced Kenneth Marquis, Corliss Archer decides to write in her diary that they are together in order to make her boyfriend Dexter jealous. Corliss' father had also served as attorney representing Kenneth Marquis' ex-wife during his most recent divorce trial. When Corliss and Dexter don't come home one evening until five in the morning, Corliss decides to pretend to have amnesia to avoid the inevitable punishment awaiting her.

Original Title: A Kiss for Corliss

  • Richard Wallace
  • Anno: 1949
  • Durata: 88 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

Darryl Hickman

Dexter Franklin

David Niven

Kenneth Marquis

Barbara Billingsley

Miss Hibbs, Harry's Secretary (uncredited)

Shirley Temple

Corliss Archer

Tom Tully

Harry P. Archer

Virginia Welles

Mildred Pringle

Gloria Holden

Mrs. Janet Archer

Roy Roberts

Uncle George
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