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The Devil On Wheels (1947)

When He Took the Wheel ... Slammed Down on the Throttle ... And Started Burning Rubber ... He Was Dynamite!

American-International did not invent the juvenile delinquents-jalopies-reckless driving-hot rodders-build it at home-chicken playing genre of movies. PRC and Monogram started churning them out in the mid-forties as part of their let-this-be-a-lesson-to-you genre, preceded by the zoot-suiter and jitter-buggers films, which was better than the social guidance films teen-agers were being overdosed on at school. PRC did at least use card-carrying members of SAG. This one is a sermon against speeding, and Darryl Hickman has it brought straight home to him when he side-swipes a car and causes a collision in which his best friend is killed---the fate of all best friends in juvenile-theme movies including "Rebel Without a Cause"--- and his mother is injured. Lots of lecturing precedes and follows.

Original Title: The Devil On Wheels

  • Crane Wilbur
  • Anno: 1947
  • Durata: 67 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

Darryl Hickman

Michael 'Micky' Clark

Lenita Lane

Mrs. Clark

John Hamilton

Mr. Davis

Terry Moore

Rusty Davis (as Jan Ford)

Noreen Nash

Sue Tanner

James Cardwell

Jeff Clark

Damian O'Flynn

John Clark

William Forrest

Judge Roger Tanner

Sue England

Peggy Andrews

Robert Arthur

Todd Powell
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