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L'ultima volta che vidi Parigi (1954)

The sensational story of youth on a fling

Charles returns to Paris to reminisce about the life he led in Paris after it was liberated. He worked on "Stars and Stripes" when he met Marion and Helen. He would marry and be happy staying in Paris after his discharge and working for a news organization. He would try to write his great novel and that would come between Charlie, his wife and his daughter

Original Title: The Last Time I Saw Paris

  • Richard Brooks
  • Anno: 1954
  • Durata: 116 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English | Magyar
  • Reddito: $105

Eva Gabor

Lorraine Quarl

Walter Pidgeon

James Ellswirth

Elizabeth Taylor

Helen Ellswirth

Odette Myrtil

Singer (as Odette)

Peter Leeds


John Doucette


Donna Reed

Marion Ellswirth

Kurt Kasznar


Van Johnson

Charles Wills

George Dolenz

Claude Matine
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