Four Mothers (1941)

Adam Lemp and his four daughters (Ann, Thea, Kay, and Emma) find themselves in financial and emotional crises. Thea's husband Ben has promoted a Florida housing development to everyone in town, and when a hurricane wipes out the investments of all their friends, the Lemps decide to pay back the losses, even if it costs them their own home. Kay's husband Clint is so devoted to his medical research that he risks losing Kay. And Ann's husband Felix, encountering Kay during an out-of-town trip, finds his loneliness putting his marriage at risk. Meanwhile, as a result of the antipathy of the townspeople due to the investment disaster, Adam loses his beloved position with the musical society.

Original Title: Four Mothers

  • William Keighley
  • Anno: 1941
  • Durata: 86 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

Dick Foran

Ernest Talbot

Jeffrey Lynn

Felix Deitz

Eddie Albert

Dr. Clint Forrest, Jr.

May Robson

Aunt Etta

Claude Rains

Adam Lemp

Frank McHugh

Ben Crowley

Priscilla Lane

Ann Lemp Deitz

Rosemary Lane

Kay Lemp Forrest

Lola Lane

Thea Lemp Crowley

Gale Page

Emma Lemp Talbot

Vera Lewis

Mrs. Ridgefield

Frank Reicher

Festival Committee Member

Irving Bacon

Cigar Store Proprietor

Egon Brecher

Music Foundation Director

Frank Ferguson

Music Foundation Director

James Flavin

Demolition Man

Thurston Hall

Mr. Davis

Howard C. Hickman

Music Foundation Director

Frank Mayo

Worker Not Wearing Mask

Jack Mower


Charles Trowbridge

Festival Committee Member
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