Empty Holsters (1937)

Ace owns just about everything around except for the Bank, which is owned by John Ware. Ace also has his eye on Judy, but Judy only has eyes for Clay. Since Ace is a crook, he holds up the stage and has his cronies swear that Clay was the bandit which gets Clay 10 years in jail. After he gets out in 5 for good behavior, Clay sets out to find who framed him and stole the stage strongbox. Since the sheriff does not like Clay, he takes his guns away as part of his probation and it makes Clay a target for the Ace gang.

Dick Foran

Clay Brent

Emmett Vogan

Ace Cain

Glenn Strange

Tex Roberts

George Chesebro

Cutter Smith

Edmund Cobb

Sheriff Cal Hardin

J.P. McGowan

U.S. Marshal Billy O'Neill

Milton Kibbee

Jim Hall

Earl Dwire

Dr. J.M. 'Doc' Eagan

Fred Burns


Ben Corbett

Mr. Raines' Ranchhand

Art Mix

Mr. Raines' Ranchhand

Kansas Moehring

Henchman Pete

Jack Mower


Artie Ortego

Ranch Hand
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