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La regina dei pirati (1951)

After seizing an English ship, buccaneer captain Anne Providence spares Pierre LaRochelle from walking the plank - as he's in irons he is presumably no friend of England. He signs on as a pirate and she is increasingly drawn to him, a feeling that seems to be reciprocated. When fearsome Captain Blackbeard, her teacher in the ways of pirating, sets eyes on LaRochelle he recalls him as a French navy officer. Anne sticks by her man but the truth, when it is uncovered, is even more painful.

Original Title: Anne of the Indies

  • Jacques Tourneur
  • Anno: 1951
  • Durata: 81 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: English

Herbert Marshall

Dr Jameson

Louis Jourdan

Captaine Pierre François LaRochelle

Debra Paget

Molly LaRochelle

Jean Peters

Captaine Anne Providence

Thomas Gomez

Captaine Edward Teach alias Blackbeard
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