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Stingray (1964)

Stingray is a British children's Supermarionation television series, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and produced by AP Films for ATV and ITC Entertainment between 1964 and 1965. Its 39 half-hour episodes were originally screened on ATV in the United Kingdom and in syndication in the United States. The scriptwriters included the Andersons, Alan Fennell and Dennis Spooner. Barry Gray composed the music, and Derek Meddings served as special effects director. Stingray was the first Supermarionation production to be filmed in colour, and also the first in which the marionette puppet characters had interchangeable heads featuring a variety of expressions. It was furthermore the first British TV programme to be filmed entirely in colour. At this time American TV networks were preparing for full-time colour broadcasting, although independent television in the UK did not commence colour transmission until November 1969.

Original Title: Stingray

Le stagioni: 1
  • Anno: 1964
  • Durata: 30 min.
  • Paese:
  • Language: En

Ray Barrett

Commander Sam Shore

Lois Maxwell

Lt Atlantis Shore

Robert Easton

Lieutenant George Lee Sheridan
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